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The first six images below show the mast top section before re-engineering for Digital Switchover (DSO).

The slim UHF cylinder combined with the charcoal grey walls around the triangular-shaped platform gave this structure a distinctive one-off appearance.  Both characteristics were lost as a result of DSO.





































Next: The next two images show the additional four-tier UHF panels deployed for the original low-power pre-DSO digital UHF services, positioned directly above the main FM Band II aerial stack.














 Next: The post-Digital Switchover configuration.  The original analogue UHF aerial cylinder has been replaced with a new eight-tier installation.  Note the engineers platform and lightning-strike protection mounted on top.

The triangular platform below the aerial has been retained but the protective walls around it have gone.














Next: The following three images show the new four-tier reserve UHF aerial which replaced the original four-tier configuration seen above.


























Next: Some larger post-DSO images.




















































Next: Some images which focus on the middle section of the mast, including some (probably redundant) UHF panels below FM Band II and also DAB aerials.















Next: Last of all, some mast platform images.


















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