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Part One - Digital Switchover Work

Images taken on 6 October 2007, featuring riggers removing the last of the old UHF panels from the BBC aerial section, plus the old and new aerial assemblies on the ground.








Part Two - UHF Aerial Close-Ups

Close-up images of the main UHF aerial section from October 2007, May 2008 and August 2009.








Part Three - Distant Close-Ups and DSO Summary Images

Photographed on the various visits to Winter Hill, some close-ups taken from the distance plus two sets of summary images, all reflecting the changing appearance at the top of the mast as a result of Digital Switchover.








Part Four - Cylinder Close-Ups

Images of the cylinder platform areas and the mast base.






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Aerials/DSO Index>  Supersize Images>  Site & Plates>  UHF Coverage Maps>  Info-Plate





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