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 Above:  Before and after shots of the top section illustrating the principal changes required for Digital Switchover, as detailed further in the following images.












 Above: The old main antenna (left) and the much shorter ten-tier replacement (right).

The difference in height between old and new is most significant at transmitter sites where the analogue installation was a composition of separately stacked antennas for BBC1/BBC2 and ITV1/C4 and/or reserve provision.

The separate stacking element is essentially removed with digital multiplex transmission and so, combined with the deployment of the reserve provision on an entirely separate installation, the result is a much shorter main antenna.









 Above: The original array (left) immediately above the engineers platform (the analogue Channel 5 array as detailed on the Waltham A.T.V page here) has been superceded by a new eight-tier installation.  This combines with the existing four-tiers above to provide the reserve service.  

On the latter image, the new platform can be seen and is circular rather than the dodecagon shape of the original platforms.





























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