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The temporary mast was constructed to carry all television, national FM and DAB radio services so these transmissions could be switched off on the main mast whilst Digital Switchover (DSO) work took place.

These first two images show the temporary mast with the main UHF aerial installed but before the addition of digital UHF panels.

The twelve tiers required for this aerial provided an indication as to what would be fitted to the main mast after its modification.












Next: The top section at a later date with the digital aerials now installed as shown in the left image.  The four tier by four set configuration replicated the equivalent installation on the main mast.














  Next: The combined national FM and DAB radio aerial, which again replicated exactly the installation on the main mast with eight tiers for FM (seen clearest on the right side of both images) and fourteen tiers for DAB (left side of images).














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