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These first two images show the original main analogue UHF aerial that was housed within a GRP cylinder.









Next: The following six images also include the original pre-switchover digital UHF aerials just below the cylinder with the top part of the main FM and DAB aerial section also coming into view.


























































Illustrated from the same platform level upwards, these two images compare the mast before and after the height extension.

Below: The old UHF cylinder surmounted the mast at its original height.  Once the cylinder and original platform were removed, the mast extension was built and aerials added around and above it.

Right: The new twelve-tier reserve is mounted at the height of the old cylinder with an additional platform built above it, followed by the new main twelve-tier main aerial at the top. 





































 Next: The main and reserve UHF aerials in more detail.














































  Next: The main radio aerials.  On the left, Band II aerials for BBC National and Classic FM mixed with Band III aerials for DAB.  On the right, Band II aerials for local FM services with a redundant DAB aerial in between.














 Next: Larger images of the combined FM Band II and DAB Band III installation from angles providing a segregated view of the two aerial types, FM showing clearest on the inner side of these two images and DAB on the outer side.














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