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First: November 2008.  The original mast before the DSO project commenced.




 Next: July 2010, by which time work on the new mast had commenced.

The only indication of the new mast is the temporary structure (showing here as slightly left leaning due to lense distortion) that was erected to carry microwave link dishes previously on the original mast from where the path was now blocked by the presence of the new mast.





  Next: May 2012.  Taken from the hill to the south, the old mast shortly after Digital Switchover.





 Next: May 2012.  The original mast now sharing the site with the new mast, the latter having taken over UHF services upon Digital Switchover two months earlier.





 Next: July 2015.  In appropriately bleak conditions, the old mast is seen in its final weeks of existence as dismantling has commenced.




















 Next: August 2015.  The old mast in the final stages of decommission.























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