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The new Rowridge mast has three sets of twelve-tier UHF aerials, respectively referred to from top to bottom as S1, S2 and S3.

This first image focuses on the main S1 aerial at the top.




 Next: The following images show the lower S2 and S3 aerials which both have two columns that straddle the north-western corner of the mast.

It is assumed that S2 and S3 are the standard reserve provision for both PSB and COM multiplexes but as a consequence of their north-west side mounting can only serve areas in these directions.

The pre-switchover digital UHF aerials on the old mast were similiarly mounted on only the north-western corner of the structure.










  Next:  The FM Band II aerials are positioned below the UHF panels followed by DAB and local television aerials.














 Next: DAB aerials above and local television below.









 Next: DAB and local television again with the latter seen more clearly.





 Next: Local television again.





 Next: One of the lower platform areas on the mast, equipped from the bottom upwards with Aircraft Warning Lights (AWLs), microwave dishes (possibly receiving programme feed from mainland studios) and receiving aerials for the re-broadcast link with the main BBC FM transmitter at Wrotham in Kent.










 Next: The FM Band II aerials again, photographed on a separate occasion in brighter conditions.













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