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 Above:  From the top, the new eight-tier main antenna, followed by a four-tier south and south-east facing set that provide the ITV1 West service, followed by the new eight-tier circular reserve and finally the pre-DSO four-tier circular set that provided the original DTTV service and now presumably also part of the post-DSO reserve.

A far more unsightly mobile phone antenna was removed to make way for the new eight-tier circular set.





 Above: As per the first two images above but the wider shot on the right revealing also the DAB installation immediately below the four-tier circular UHF set and then just below the stay attachment point the BBC FM Band II system.


















 Above: The circular UHF panels and DAB (right) in more detail.








 Above: BBC FM in more detail and also the UHF panels for the analogue ITV1 West service, the latter now redundant since DSO.










 Above: Local FM.




 Above:  Local FM again, followed below by the redundant analogue Channel 5 UHF panels.





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