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The first four images show the top UHF section when it was based on eight tiers and additional panels mounted on the platform.

As seen more clearly in these light conditions, the lowest two tiers on the main aerial and the panels below are newer than the colour-degraded upper six tiers on the main aerial, the newer panels being later installations for the original pre-DSO digital multiplexes.



























 Next: The four-tier reserve UHF aerial with the Digital One DAB aerial mounted immediately below.





























 Next: The BBC National DAB aerial and immediately below are panels for receiving feed from Rowridge.













  Next: The following compare the appearance at the top before and after the removal of both the lowest two tiers of the main UHF aerial and the additional pre-DSO digital UHF panels mounted around the platform area.

The platform layout before removal was roughly symmetrical from this viewpoint, whilst the appearance after removal is definitively asymmetrical and untidy looking.






























Next: Lastly, some general images covering the main aerial section.

















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