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These first two images were taken in May 2010 and show the initial post-Digital Switchover (DSO) configuration.

Prior to DSO, all UHF services were provided entirely from the aerial system within the main cylinder at the top, with no additional panels serving the pre-switchover digital multiplexes as generally seen elsewhere.

For DSO, a supporting cage was added around the mast just below the main cylinder platform near the top, on which was mounted a reserve UHF system of four-tier panels on three sides directed towards the south-west, south and south-east.  On the opposing side of the cage, a single UHF panel directed towards the north-west was also installed.

At this stage, the main service was seemingly to continue from an aerial system within the original analogue cylinder.





 Above: Initial post-DSO from the south-east.


 Above: Initial post-DSO from the north.





The next set of images show the new six-tier main UHF aerial that was eventually installed in 2012, almost three years after Digital Switchover.

These first four images were taken from the south-east.  Note how the top panels on the reserve four-tier system are angled slightly upwards.






















The next four images show from various viewpoints the post-2012 UHF aerial configuration towards the north-west.

 As per the four-tier reserve system, the new main UHF aerial consists of three sides that beam across the southerly directions, whilst the side facing north-west towards the sea and Northern Ireland is entirely blank, the space being used for the engineers ladder that would normally be mounted off-side.

The single panel facing north-west is the only source of UHF output in that direction.

The absence of panels on the sea-facing sides is also a characteristic of the new main antenna at Dover.
































2007 - Pre-DSO


2009 - Initial post-DSO


2012 - Permanent post-DSO

(GRP cylinder only)


(GRP cylinder retained and four-tier reserve panels added)


(GRP cylinder replaced with new six-tier three-sided aerial)















2009 - Initial post-DSO


2012 - Permanent post-DSO



(GRP cylinder with single panel on the north-west face)


(New six-tier main aerial with blank north face)








The remaining images below continue downwards from the four-tier UHF reserve system, with the BBC FM radio (Band II) system immediately below, followed by DAB (Band III) below that.

Like the main UHF installation, the north facing side of the Band II system is also devoid of aerials, as shown in the first two images.

























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