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 The first two images below show the old cylinder containing the main UHF aerials for analogue transmission.











The next two images show also the various sets of additional panels for the pre-switchover digital multiplexes which are all directed in-land.














The following three images taken in May 2011 show the re-fit for Digital Switchover whilst still in progress, with earlier UHF panels still in place alongside the new ten-tier main and reserve installations.

As expected, the new installations adhere to the requirement to exclude coverage eastbound towards France.

From the angle these images were taken, this is illustrated only in the reserve system which is mounted across the west side of the mast and has a distinctive protruding access platform built below it.













 The next four images below were taken in May 2013 and show clearly the absence of aerial panels on the eastern faces of the main antenna.

A similar arrangement exists on the Llanddona mast on the north coast of Anglesey.



























The remaining images below show the various DAB and FM aerials mounted below the now-removed four-tier UHF panels.



























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