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The Arqiva Crystal Palace Light Show 18 & 19 April 2012

(First Show - 18 April)              (Second Show - 19 April)


This was a two-day event organised by transmission provider Arqiva to celebrate the completion of Digital Switchover in London on 18 April 2012 and to mark in its concluding year the success of the switchover project nationwide.

On both days, the event comprised a private function (held within a temporarily erected marquee in Crystal Palace Park) and a spectacular lighting display on the Crystal Palace tower, with the public invited to view the latter.

The display had two key elements.  The first was a repeating sequence of various coloured lighting beamed up towards the tower from the base.  The second was moving beams of white light eminating from the tower (from three lights installed at the top of the main lattice structure) with light beamed in all directions in order to represent the actual signals broadcast from the tower.

First Show - 18 April

The private function on this first night was attended by celebrities and various other VIPs.  The launch of the light show was ceremoniously performed within the confines of this function during a presentation fronted by Chris Evans with Sir David Attenborough pressing the start switch at 9.30pm (fifteen minutes later than scheduled).

The weather on the night was poor with constant drizzle and occasional showers which left the top of the tower immersed in thick mist for much of the display, although overall this enhanced the event with the atmosphere it created.  The public attendance was high with many staying until the end of the display at 10.45pm.

Second Show - 19 April

The second private function was for Arqiva staff and others involved in the switchover project.

The weather remained dry providing a much clearer display although public attendance was minimal this time.  The display commenced at 9.15pm and concluded at 11.20pm.



(Note: This is a preliminary upload for this event and will be expanded upon in due course).










First Show - 18 April 2012


Second Show - 19 April 2012



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