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These first two images show the main UHF aerial at the top of the tower, pre-Digital Switchover (DSO) on the left and post-Digital Switchover on the right.  The removal of the engineers platform is a consequence of many DSO refurbishments around the UK.





Next : Further UHF panels are located further down the tower just below the main FM Band II aerials, again pre-DSO (original lower-power digital multiplexes) is shown on the left and post-DSO (UHF reserve) on the right.














Next: The main FM Band II aerials that sit between the UHF installations.









  Next: A few more images from May 2009.



































  Next: The remaining images below were taken in May 2015, the first four illustrating the eight-tier main UHF aerial (with some notable colour degredation since 2009) and the lightning-strike protection at the top.  






























 Next: The following four images focus on the six-tier UHF reserve aerial.






























 Next: Located much lower down on the tower at 65m (213ft) above ground level, the four-tier cross-configuration aerial for the Channel 30 Local TV multiplex.










 Next: Lastly, in addition to the main FM Band II aerial near the top, there are other aerials for local FM and DAB radio mounted at various points on the tower.  The images below shows the most significant grouping, which are probably for DAB.









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