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The following six images were taken in September 2009 and show the mast now bearing a twelve-tier cylindrical reserve aerial below platform five, whilst the original UHF main aerial at the top has been stripped, leaving only the supporting framework.

Temporary stays are attached to the framework at various points to replace those formerly attaching to the now-removed platform six at the very top.








































The following six images from April 2010 show the final stages of removing the lattice frame support for the original UHF main aerial, requiring also the removal of platform five.

Multiple stays at this level now replace those that previously attached to both platforms five and six.








































The next four images, taken in August 2010, show the installation as completed in May 2010.
























 Summary Images 
















May 2008


September 2009


April 2010


August 2010











Stay line and anchoring block alterations


Above: Temporary concrete blocks were added as support to the three outer stay anchoring points pending permanent removal of the lines formerly attaching the top of the structure.



Above: The impact of stay line reduction from eighteen to fifteen is illustrated in the above images, both taken at one of the three outer stay blocks affected.  An earlier version of the wide view (right) taken before the stay line removal is featured on the A.T.V Belmont page.



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