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Belmont TimeLine


20 Dec 65


The Belmont transmitter is opened by the Independent Television Authority.  Although ultimately built as a future UHF main station, Belmont operates initially as a relay of the Mendlesham transmitter in Suffolk, and improves Anglia Television's 405-line VHF coverage across the fringe area of South & East Lincolnshire.

Transmissions are on VHF Channel 7 at a maximum output of 20kW (vision e.r.p).

The opening ceremony at Belmont focuses on the 1265-ft cylindrical mast  - the tallest structure in Europe. Belmont's parent station at Mendlesham was home to the first 1000-ft mast in October 1959.










18 June 66


The Independent Television Authority's second 1265-ft cylindrical mast enters service at Emley Moor.




 19 Nov 66


First regular UHF transmissions commence from Belmont - BBC2 on Channel 28.




 19 Mar 69


The identical 1265-ft cylindrical mast at Emley Moor collapses due to stay-line failure on one side caused by excessive ice accumulation.






24 May 71


ITV 625-line colour transmissions from Belmont begin on UHF Channel 25.  Now a main transmitter under UHF, Anglia's service area is consequently extended to include North Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire, encroaching heavily on Yorkshire Television's established territory.





30 Jul 74


Both Belmont ITV transmitters, VHF Channel 7 and UHF Channel 25, reallocate to Yorkshire Television in order to resolve the territory dispute around North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire's East Riding.

However, this now extends the coverage of Yorkshire Television into South Lincolnshire and North-West Norfolk to the detriment of Anglia.

This problem is partially resolved by the IBA between 1978 & 1988, with the construction of five relays in North-West Norfolk, all fed from the Tacolneston transmitter, allowing viewers the option of reverting back to the East Anglia service.











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