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Below: Taken in April 2008, these first four images show the mast in pre-Digital Switchover (DSO) configuration, with the original analogue UHF aerial cylinder at the top and the four-tier digital UHF aerial just above the DAB installation.






















Next: Re-engineering for Digital Switchover took place in 2008 with the main UHF analogue aerial and four-tier digital aerial both replaced by new eight tier installations, as shown in the following three images.

 In the case of the latter, now designated the reserve UHF aerial, the doubling from four to eight tiers forced the relocation from above to below the DAB installation due to insufficient space.




















Next: During a chance visit in April 2016, engineers were in the process of removing all eight tiers of the reserve UHF aerial.  An engineer on the ground confirmed this was to enable re-engineering for 700MHz clearance.

At the time of arrival, the five lower tiers were still in place with this reduced to four during the course of the following photos.

These first two images set the scene upon arrival on site.









Next: The following two images taken from near the mast base cover the aerial section from the top down to main FM Band II at the bottom.














  Next: The following seven images focus on the work in progress as the fifth tier of the UHF reserve aerial is stripped away.



















































 Next: The re-installed reserve aerial photographed in March 2017.  Previously all eight tiers were vertically aligned but this has changed to an alternating configuration.









































Next: The six-level main FM Band II aerial directed towards Dundee.










Next: Installed below FM Band II and just above the next anchoring point, the aerial for local television service STV2 as launched on 24 April 2017 and comprising two-sets of four tiers directed towards the south and east across the Dundee area.










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